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Check Engine Light Flashing Manual - A blinking engine light is bad. She does stand a good chance of doing expensive damage even to the engine. If the light is off or just stays on solid, its probably ok. But if it starts flashing she should just pull over. The rain is probably completely relevant. A blinking engine light is often a serious misfire.. The check engine light is an irritation for many drivers, but it gives you essential information about your car and shouldn't be ignored. If the light begins flashing, however, it indicates a. Flashing Check Engine light means a miss-firing cylinder. This can cause damage to catalytic converter, etc. Check plugs, wires, etc. My problem was a bad wire to cylinder # 4 (Most difficult plug to reach I have ever encountered) A miss-fire can and will also damage the coil..

Re: Another flashing check engine light Dec 05 2014, 6:21pm Not to scare you or anything, but that sounds just like what happened to my father's 2009 right before chevy rebuilt the entire top end and replaces the cam.. The check engine light is generally amber or red in color, and has two stages, viz. a steady light and a flashing light. A steady light usually indicates minor problems, while the check engine light flashes only when there is a serious problem with your car.. Re: silverado flashing check engine light?? Jan 26 2014, 7:49am. got it fixed, was a bad cat on the driver side, was completly clogged, got it fixed no more check engine flash.

A flashing check engine light means your engine is experiencing a misfire problem that is serious enough to cause substantial, costly and permanent damage to your catalytic converter(s). Replacing catalytic converters can easily cost you $1,500 to $3,000.. If the light is not flashing, check the gas cap. Oftentimes if the gas cap wasn't tightened enough, the check engine light will display. If tightening the gas cap does not make the light go away, take the vehicle in to have the diagnostic codes looked up.. Hyundai check engine light flashing/blinking. If your Hyundai check engine light is flashing and the car is shaking, that means that you have a serious engine malfunction and you should avoid driving your car. Check engine light flashing and blinking is a result of engine misfire..

Honda Civic: Why is My Check Engine Light Flashing? Do you see that check engine light in your dash? That is your Honda Civic's worst nightmare. Continue reading to find out why. So when the check engine light (CEL) in your car's instrument panel turns on, the ECU is putting out a signal that something has malfunctioned and is causing a. Check with your mechanic or owner’s manual about what they might mean. If you perform your own oil changes, dispose of used oil properly! DO NOT pour down a sink or storm drain. A flashing check engine light indicates a problem that is currently happening and requires immediate attention. Menu. Car Care Resources.. Flashing Check Engine Light: If your check engine light is flashing, stop driving your Sequoia and have it towed to your nearest mechanic - you probably have a very serious problem with your car and you risk ruining your engine by driving it..

Oct 16, 2017  · Flashing check engine light I get about a mile down the road from my house, and come to a stop at a stop light, and the car starts vibrating pretty badly and the engine is bogging down like its going to stall.. Auto Repair Codes - Manual Code Reading Using a Jumper Wire to Flash Codes Most vehicles display thier Petrol and Diesel Engine, ABS Brakes, Airbag and Auto Transmission codes by flashing a light on the dashboard of the car..

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